The family is one of nature's masterpieces.

~George Santayana

Maine Families Created by Adoption

Maine Families Created by Adoption, also known as MeFCA, is a statewide organization of families who have adopted or who are waiting to adopt. Our children come from Maine and around the world. Our children come into our families every way possible, including private adoption, adoption through the foster care program, kinship, and international adoptions. Together we have created a wonderful network of beautiful families who help each other navigate the exciting, complex process of adoption.

MeFCA is dedicated to providing opportunities for children, parents, and siblings to learn about and celebrate the richness of our children's heritage.

All of our events and gatherings provide a chance to meet other families who share the common bond of adoption. We hope that the friendships built through MeFCA events helps foster among children and parents alike a foundation of support that will continue to enrich and strengthen our families in the years ahead.

Our membership includes couples and single parents, parents with adopted children, foster children, kinship-kids and parents with both adopted, biological children and foster children.

Did you know?

The Harold Alfond College Challenge is giving a $500 grant to every Maine resident baby born on or after January 1, 2009. This grant is for Maine resident babies born on or after January 1, 2009, including babies who are adopted by Maine parents or whose parents move to Maine before the baby’s first birthday. The grant is to help parents start a college investing account with Maine’s NextGen College Investing Plan®. The Harold Alfond College Challenge Grant (Alfond Grant) is intended to help Maine families plan for education beyond high school..